Friday, March 18, 2016

Five For Friday March 18, 2016



1)  Leprechaun Traps

We had so much fun with homework this week!  Below are a few of the amazing leprechaun traps that the kids came up with.  They also wrote an opinion piece to go with their traps on why they thought their trap would catch a leprechaun.  It was so much fun!  They especially loved when Larry the Leprechaun left them a gold coin, a note, and messed up up the room!

2)  I love Find Your Partner!

One of my favorite quick learning breaks/activities is Find Your Partner.  I make little cards with pairings that could be words and definitions (or a multitude of other things too).  Then, I pass them out to the class (they are in a mixed up order).  Then I give the kids little frames to use if they like (they are free to use a different variation too).  We model what not to say too:

"Hi friend, let's read to see if we are a match."
If yes, then they say:  "Yes, friend we have a match.  Let's sit on the carpet."
If no, they say:  "No friend, maybe next time."

This is a quick movement activity to get wiggles out and it promotes learning.  I love the little break it gives the kids, while pairing them randomly.  I usually do this as a warm up right before we are set to listen for a bit or do some close reading.  Below is a little video of a pair doing it with a set from my NGSS plant unit.


3)  Point of View Writing!

Point of view can be hard to identify in literature for first graders, but it is one of the common core standards in reading literature.  One great way to introduce it and make it concrete for the kids is to have them write in a different point of view.  That way the kids can experience what it is.  I did this in the plant unit we are doing.  Below are some of the great writing samples I got when the kids took on the point of view of a flower. They impressed me with their knowledge of some of the things that we have been studying.  I displayed them with a craftivity from unit as well.  Link below photos if interested.

I love the voice in these samples!

4)   Bunnies!  

Today was our last day before spring break.  Even though we just celebrated St. Patrick's Day, we had to squeeze a little Easter Bunny fun in because we are off for two weeks. So, today we made some adorable hats and had an Easter egg math problem hunt. Both activities were so very fun!  It was an active and great day.

This is the cut out we used to make the hats.  They were too cute.  We folded down the top rectangular flap and attached it to the two top corner flaps on the longer rectangle.  Then we tied the string under the chin.  Firsties definitely needed a hand or two to help :0).

 5)  Peep Science

We had a blast with this peep science experiment today.  We predicted, observed, and concluded.  We put the Peeps in water, soda, and a vinegar and baking soda mixture.  Below are some photos of our fun today!
We couldn't stop at just the 3 liquids, we had to mix them all together and then try that too.

With soda it bubbled and floated.  With water it just floated.

HUGE hit with the kids!  The peep bobbed up and down a bit, landing on its side.  Then it turned right side up again.

After the vinegar and baking soda exploded it left a cute little heart impression!

I tried to capture the video of their favorite reaction:  the baking soda and vinegar.


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