Monday, February 22, 2016

Five For Friday -February 19, 2016

I am super grateful that in my job I get to see precious moments like these.  I love how my little firsties are so kind and sweet with one another.  This little guy wanted to walk his friend back to get her snack.  He smiled, grabbed her hand, and they walked to the class and back to the playground.  Be still my heart!

As a fun culmination to learning about what presidents do for President's Day, my littles wrote poems about what they feel presidents do and did some cute art to go with it. They absolutely loved presenting the information in poetry form!  We used the poetry mentor text Analysis of Baseball by May Swenson.  All of it is in my unit Being an American.  If interested the link is below.
I'm so proud of my students! They are really flying on their self-selected research.  The motivation is incredible!  They are taking notes and writing scripts for iMovies in this photo.  Our school is so lucky to have iPads! We have "movie screenings" when they are done.  In the scripts they are basically writing an informative piece with their notes and including an introduction and a conclusion. There is so much learning going on!  It is amazing what these kids can do.

At this point in the year in first grade the kids begin to fly in their reading.  Most have cracked the code, and really need to work on fluency.  I love these phonics passages and activities for the kids.  I have seen so much improvement in the way they read.  Above is one of my little guys working on his long e fluency.  These are from my Long Vowel Fluency Unit.  Link is below if you are interested.

I am thankful to see my students beginning to use their voice in writing.  We've been focusing so much on structure and developing strong introductions.  I just love this one!  
Have a great week!

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